The leaders across USA include:

Missouri DOT - Continues to lead the nation by implementing TowPLows in urban and rural applications, with more than 70 are in service.

MnDOT was the second state to recognize the benefits and has implemented 4 or more units.

Utah was the third state where they continue to operate TowPLows in and around Salt Lake and plan to further implement.  Utah has posted videos are on You Tube.

Indian DOT and Kansas Turnpike implemented units and continue to appraise.

Ohio Turnpike implemented 8 units with material spreaders.

Ohio DOT implemented and continue to consider duplication.  Akron University is currently appraising the concept via TRB study.

Maine tested and have a report of performance, with plans to add units.

Penn DOT tried one and continue to duplicate

Wisconsin has 2 in service and are appraising.

Tenn.  asked for help, tried one and added several more units to increase productivity without adding staff.

Iowa implemented 3 for winter 10/11 and hope to budget for more.

Nebraska started with 3 units and quickly added 3 more  for winter 11/12

North Dakota started in Fargo and Bismarck  then added 12 more for the next winter. 

Mass Highway used 4 TowPLows and hopes to budget for more to duplicate their successes.

Nevada is has units in Reno and Elko with California testing in Donner Pass.

Alaska now has 2 in service.

There are various reports available from several states and the AASHTO Technical Implementation Team.   See User's Report tab.

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(Last update 4/2013)