Clearing 2 lanes in one pass by 1 truck and 1 operator
Clearing 2 lanes in one passby 1 truck and 1 operator 

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Why the interest in TowPLows?  Because the TowPLow provides increased production with less labor, fuel and capital investment costs.  One operator can now clear two lanes wide.  Thus, investment can be recovered in 2 to 5 years or less when properly implemented.

TowPLow Concept was awarded the Missouri Governor's Award for Innovation, Quality and Productivity in 2007

AASHTO Technology Implementation Group reviewed the TowPLow Concept as a Technology Ready for Implementation - 2010 View at:

Many states have studied the concept of using TowPLows.  There are several comprehensive studies/reports available.  

Over 600 TowPLows now provide benefits in over 30 other states and provinces.    See "User Reports/Papers" tab at left.

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