Clearing 2 lanes in one pass by 1 truck and 1 operator
Clearing 2 lanes in one passby 1 truck and 1 operator 

Updated 2/2017


The leaders across USA include:

Missouri DOT - Continues to lead the nation by implementing TowPLows in urban and rural applications, with more than 80 in service.

MnDOT was the second state in the nation to try a TowPLow.

Utah was the third state where they continue to operate TowPLows in and around Salt Lake and plan to further implement.  


North Dakota continues to rapidly advance in solving today's problems; setting the stage for their success.  They are the first state to use and continue to lead in the duplication of the BiDirectional TowPLow.


Montana has also grasped the advantages of doubling operators' abilitity to clear roads while reducing costs to plow.  They continue to implement across their mountain state.


Several states in the north east are using units but New York rapidly implemented over 60 in late 2015 after proving their first.  


There are only a few states who have not used the advantage of TPs. 



Various reports are available from several states and the AASHTO Technical Implementation Team. See User's Report tab.

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