Clearing 2 lanes in one pass by 1 truck and 1 operator
Clearing 2 lanes in one passby 1 truck and 1 operator 
Please note: Some videos show what appears to be an escort truck following the TowPLow truck. These were the first occasions in the field where supervisors watched the TowPLow performance and traffic. I am not aware of any escort trucks now following TowPLows in operation. This practice was quickly discontinued once confidence was gained.
  • Syracuse - TowPLow
  • The Brun-Way Corp. - TowPLow
  • TowPLow with 8 yd sander

There are more and more videos appearing on YouTube by others, these include:

Maine DOT on Interstate

Utah DOT on mountain grade East of Salt Lake on Interstate

Utah DOT TowPLow going down grade

NOTE: There are many additional videos on YouTube.   Simply type in Towplow and you will see others listed.

I do not have any control over these independant websites and videos. Please drop me a note if a link discontinues working. Thanks BL

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