Clearing 2 lanes in one pass by 1 truck and 1 operator
Clearing 2 lanes in one passby 1 truck and 1 operator 

-Mission Statement of Snow King Tech-

"It is about improving snow removal services to maintain traffic speeds and volume, while reducing labor and fuel in the 21st century."    Bob

The mission of Snow King Technologies is to help organizations overcome the problem of having more highways/lanes to plow, with greater traffic volumes.   Agencies are often unable to provide additional trucks or staff while needing to meet the higher expectations of the public.    The goal is to share the knowledge and benefits of the TowPLow concept with all the snow states and provinces to improve service, while reducing labor costs and fuel consumption.

Snow storms are one of the greatest threats to our transportation system.    The ultimate goal is to insure the nation's interstates and highways remain in service to move people and commerce, even during snow storms.

This website is dedicated to the implementation of the TowPLow concept, it's field champions and provides a means to submit questions to

Viking Cives is the manufacturer and supplier of TowPLows across the United States and Canada. For price quotes, sales and service, please go to and select one of the many locations which can best serve your needs.

(The statements, goals and opinions on this website are solely by it's owner of Snow King Tech,  and is not endorsed by any agency, manufacturer or vendor.)  8-2017  RGL

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