Clearing 2 lanes in one pass by 1 truck and 1 operator
Clearing 2 lanes in one passby 1 truck and 1 operator 

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1. Where can we find field or research reports on the TowPLow performance?   There are at least 3 reports or white papers; MoDOTs white paper, Ministry of Ontario report and Maine DOT report.   A report on a recent AASHTO scan tour was presented at the National Peer Exchange August, 2009.   AASHTO Technical Implementation Group process. (TIG process)

2. Where are TowPLows manufactured?  TowPLows are manufactured, both in USA and Canada, by Viking Cives LTD, Mount Forest, Ont and Viking Cives-Midwest in Missouri. Use the tab for Sales and Service to access their sites.

3. Where are TowPLows being used? See the tab "Who is using TowPLows".

4. Why were TowPLows invented?  The TowPLow was created to allow the "champion" operators to do more without having to work harder, providing improved productivity; actually doing more with less capital investment, less fuel and less time.   Some agencies continued to build more lanes without being able to add snow plow trucks and operators.  This burdened the remaining snow plow operators. A TowPLow can double the production of an operator in field applications, while saving fuel & labor costs and perform the same amount of work.  "Actually doing more with less"

5. What is the cost/benefit ratio for TowPLows?

Generally pays for itself in 1 to 5 years.  This depends upon the cost of the agencies' current snow plow trucks, the actual production (clearing path per pass), the frequency and duration of snowstorms per year, as well as labor and actual fuel costs.  These variables vary across the nation, but TowPLows can pay for themselves the first year in many states.   If one's strategy is to replace a truck with a TowPLow, the cost of the TowPLow is recovered when purchased. Contact me for help, if needed.

6. Will left hand TowPLows become available?  Yes. The mirror image of the right hand model has proven itself in Kansas City, Missouri, where MoDOT has added 2 more left models.  Left hand models are now available to others October, 2010.

7. Will a left and right hand model, able to deploy in either direction, be offered? The  BiDirectional TowPlow is now in service in 4 states.   Contact me if interested in this performance expectation.

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